About Montessori

"As the child develops his inner self, a love of life and learning follows naturally and becomes a building block for a lifetime of learning." - Dr. Maria Montessori

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The Montessori philosophy

Dr. Maria Montessori observed that the child absorbs from the environment they were in. Using specially designed materials, Dr. Montessori was able to incite the child’s inner desire to learn. These materials are presented in small groups, frequently on the floor, encouraging individual hands-on participation and peer problem-solving dialogue. The child is allowed certain freedoms to be independent within the highly sequenced structure of the Montessori philosophy of teaching.

The purpose of the Montessori philosophy is to provide an environment where the innate abilities of the child can unfold spontaneously, encouraging the development of the person within. This allows the child to achieve their greatest potential.SAM_4995

Dr. Maria Montessori stated, “The child is the father of man.”

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