Director’s Welcome

Welcome To Pennington Montessori

Director’s Welcome

Dear Perspective Parents:

Thank you for your interest in Pennington Montessori School where we strive to provide a premiere preschool education based on the Montessori philosophy of teaching. Our experienced faculty’s aim is to provide a top-level introduction to your child’s never ending journey of learning. While stimulating their natural curiosity they are immersed in a world of education that is theirs to master at their own pace.

As parents and guardians I understand that you are the most important teacher in your child’s life. And it is with this understanding that I appreciate the role that Pennington Montessori will play in achieving the goals you have set forth for your child.

At Pennington Montessori we appreciate the importance of fostering a child’s innate enthusiasm for learning. We do this in a safe secure environment with emphasize on hands on learning, character development, and attention to each child’s individual program. All these factors allow your children to thieve academically and socially.

I look forward to showing you our campus and discussing the value of a Pennington Montessori education.

Best Regards,

Kathleen Hannah