Individualized Care for Your Baby

infant 066The Infant Classroom

IMG_4262A Montessori environment understands the uniqueness of each infant. It is a teacher’s job to assess and learn from observation what the infant’s and parent’s needs are in order to forge a successful partnership. Through an initial observation with you and your child the teacher learns how you hold your infant, how you play with them, how you put them to sleep, how you quiet them, change them, feed them. While observing you with your infant the teacher learns your preferences in parenting and will mirror that routine for your baby in the classroom. This helps make each child feel safe and loved!

As the child changes, their environment will reflect their needs. An infant has many physical, emotional, and intellectual developmental needs. The teacher’s job is to keep up with your child’s growth in each area. Through observation the teacher will assess if your infant is ready for the next step of their development. Our classroom environment will change as the infants are ready for new milestones and challenges.

IMG_4265Many of the toys will be interactive and natural. We will use natural materials for touching; cotton, wool, silk and wood. Rattles will vary in material, shapes, colors and tones. Infants are visual learners. Face time with adults and other IMG_4276infants, looking in mirrors and visual stimuli are some of the many ways the teachers will keep the infants engaged.

Key to a Montessori Infant Classroom is peace. Teachers will project calmness toward all infants and each other when speaking. Low lighting and soft music also make for a comfortable environment. We must be kind, respectful and always model desired behavior.

Shoes will be removed or checked when coming in as to provide a clean and safe environment for crawlers. Diaper changing, and all physical contact is done while using language, letting a baby know they will be moved, or what they are doing. If there is a choice, the child will be asked permission to be picked up, fed or given a diaper change. During whatever action a Montessori teacher is doing, it will be described and talked about, to provide the beginnings of conversation.

IMG_4272In our infant classroom we will follow your lead as a parent. Your directions and style are important guides and are key to making your infant feel safe while away from you. We believe every child is born with a unique personality in which to explore their world. It is our job to listen, observe, and learn from this baby. Interpreting their needs, and identifying how to help them navigate this world is paramount to our method.

Your special delivery is our utmost priority!

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