The Pre-Primary Classroom

30 Months to 6 Years Old

Pgeorgesennington Montessori’s Pre-Primary program accepts children aged 30 months to 6, with the eldest children completing their Kindergarten year. Each classroom consists of a mix of these ages, enabling children to learn from and help each other. By careful design, the range of Pre-Primary materials and activities satisfies both the youngest child’s interest in concrete manipulatives, and the older child’s increasing understanding of abstract concepts. Maximum benefits of this three-year cycle accrue to children who participate in all three years, including and especially Kindergarten.

The Pre-Primary program focuses on developing the foundation of skills and concepts necessary for the studies of reading, writing and mathematics. These and other basic readinessDSCF2478 skills are developed in the Pre-Primary classroom through a multifaceted curriculum which includes science, outdoor education, movement, social studies and geography. In addition, practical life activities such as buttoning, pouring and washing provide the children with the practical experience necessary to building self-confidence and independence.

Children in the Pre-Primary program regularly attend Curriculum Enrichment classes outside of their classroom, such as Spanish language and culture and yoga.
Although fully integrated into the Pre-Primary classroom in the mornings, full-day nap-age children (under the age of 4) are accommodated in the afternoons in our peaceful “Home Environment” classroom. Here our nappers are soothed to sleep with quiet lullabies on their provided mats and bedding in a darkened room, without noise and bustle to disturb their rest. Children who no longer require a nap remain in their classroom throughout the day.

All of our Pre-Primary Teachers have been trained and accredited by the American Montessori Society (AMS), with a specialization in teaching the Pre-Primary age-group.DSCF2380

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