Pennington Montessori School

Pennington Montessori School recognizes the wonder and curiosity that children have, so we encourage them to explore their world. Our school emphasizes independence, self-direction and personal choice. They learn acceptance and responsibility, and they develop respect for their neighbors.

Who We Are

Pennington Montessori is the premier early childhood school in Central New Jersey and has been licensed by New Jersey State Division of Children and Families. It offers exceptional preschool education for children of all backgrounds. Our preschool provides a strong educational foundation and fosters the child’s natural curiosity for learning.

School year 2024-2025 availability as of May, 2024:

Infant/Explorer (6W-18M): Full
Toddler (18M-3Y): Full
Pre-Primary (3Y-K): Part time availability
PEECH Supplement program: Full

Please visit our Admissions page for information on applying to the 2024-2025 school year or email us at

Bringing Excellence To Students

School Life

As a LEED certified/Green school it is the goal of Pennington Montessori to provide its students with the optimal environment that is conducive to learning. We strive to help children make healthy choices when it comes to hygiene, fitness and what they choose to put into their bodies for fuel. We emphasize physical activity by taking time for vigorous outdoor playground activity every day that the weather permits or running in our considerable indoor open space! We believe a fit body is essential to a healthy mind. Exercise promotes lean muscled bodies and fit bodies are ready to learn! Healthy food choices are stressed through in-class food preparation and special guests who highlight the importance of nutrition from an early age.

Mission & Philosophy

Our belief is that a child’s greatest learning occurs between birth and 6 years of age, a stage Maria Montessori termed, “the absorbent brain”. This environment allows the child to experience abstract concepts in a hands-on way. The teacher uses continuous observation to identify and address individual children’s needs. This ensures that each child achieves their academic and personal goals.


Fundraising is a key part of our school’s non-profit status. The annual fund, special events, and fundraising are all opportunities for families to get involved.

Discover PM

We provide a solid educational foundation in a safe, nurturing environment to foster the enthusiasm for learning that is innate in every child.


Child development is our highest goal and our staff is dedicated to help your child thrive. Come join our team!

School Calendar

Visit our events section stay up to date on Events and Activities Planned in the near future.


As the child develops his inner self, a love of life and learning follows naturally and becomes a building block for a lifetime of learning.

Programs and Tuitions

We offer educational and enriching programs from toddler through kindergarten, as well as after-school care and summer camp.

Our History

With a 45-year heritage of excellence, Pennington Montessori has proven itself to hold to a high standard of learning.

We Make A Difference

Our Staff

Learn more about our dedicated staff members. We cannot wait to get to know you and your children!