Director’s Welcome

Pennington Montessori is dedicated to welcoming your child with open arms.

Dear Prospective Parents:

Thank you for your interest in Pennington Montessori School where we strive to provide a premiere preschool education based on the Montessori philosophy of teaching. Our experienced faculty’s aim is to provide a top-level introduction to your child’s never ending journey of learning. While stimulating their natural curiosity they are immersed in a world of education that is theirs to master at their own pace.

As parents and guardians I understand that you are the most important teacher in your child’s life. And it is with this understanding that I appreciate the role that Pennington Montessori will play in achieving the goals you have set forth for your child.

At Pennington Montessori we appreciate the importance of fostering a child’s innate enthusiasm for learning. We do this in a safe and secure environment with an emphasis on hands on learning, character development, and attention to each child’s individual program. All these factors allow your children to thrive academically and socially.

I look forward to showing you our campus and discussing the value of a Pennington Montessori education.

Best Regards,

Diana Christensen

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We provide a solid educational foundation in a safe, nurturing environment to foster the enthusiasm for learning that is innate in every child.


Child development is our highest goal and our staff is dedicated to help your child thrive. Come join our team!

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As the child develops his inner self, a love of life and learning follows naturally and becomes a building block for a lifetime of learning.

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We offer educational and enriching programs from toddler through kindergarten, as well as after-school care and summer camp.