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Pennington Montessori School

Dear Pennington Montessori Families and Friends,

I am honored to be writing to you as a past parent and as the current Treasurer of Pennington Montessori School.  It is wonderful to be back as Treasurer and in this role I am able to give back to a place that has meant so much to my family and I. This school, with its gifted teachers, dedicated staff, and a culture rich in diversity, is a pillar amongst preschool education institutions.  It is our duty to ensure that our particular brand of Montessori remain a beacon of excellence.

Paramount to our mission is to be able to provide our children with the very best educational resources, enrichment activities, and a safe and stimulating campus. To do so, we appeal to our strong network of alumni, former and current parents, and community sponsors to help support us in the form of donation.  Though we hold several fundraising initiatives throughout the year, one of the most critical is our Annual Fund drive and I hope we can count on your generosity to help us achieve this year’s goal. 

As a parent you may not be aware that only 80% of tuition covers the operating costs of the school.  For this reason, as a non-profit organization, we must rely on fundraising.  The money raised through various events during the school year and during the Annual Fund, will go towards updating and replenishing classroom supplies, maintaining and making improvements to our playgrounds, enrichment activities (outdoor education, music, Spanish), updating security, providing our staff salaries and benefits and so much more. 

Our faculty, board, parents, and community all contribute to this goal.  Gifts of support can be made in any size and each is valued and greatly appreciated.  As a 501c3 non-profit, your contribution is 100% tax deductible. Please be encouraged to make a donation through any of the several avenues available.

Please know that your investment in Pennington Montessori School will pay a lifetime of dividends.  I thank you, our students thank you, and our future families thank you for your generosity. 


Dianne Irving
Pennington Montessori School Board of Trustees

Federal Tax ID: 22-221-8621

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